Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fear- the hidden enemy

Every person next to us is living in a state of fear, may be for lack of money,love , health or relationship.We are also sometime conciously or unconciously became part of this vicious circle. But do we realize the harm of staying in a fearful state of mind? May most of us will nod our heads and say a slight yes but we are really unaware of the fact that what a huge damage it do to our physical and mental wellbeing,It is a silent killer. A s many of us is aware of the fact that this Universe is combined of two powerful energy positive and negative. Light is a positive enrgy and darkness is negative energy.Whenever we are happy ,in peace ,in love our inner positive vibration level increases and it get attached to the positive cosmic energy and this give us vitality and all the necessary support that help us to live a healthy life both physically and mentaly.We become become a physically and emotionally stable person.But when live in a state of jelousy and fear negative vibration rise up and get connected to the negative energy of the Universe.Which in the long term take the shape of various diseases both physical and emotional.The great mystics of the east have found out that when a person live in a state of fear it add a piosonous element in the blood and take the shape of diseases. This story I have heard from a great saint of East
AvdootBabaShivanandji .That a lady went to a astrologer( please don't misunderstand me I am not showing any kind of disrespect to any profession or stream of knowledge) may be the one who is not good enough and calculating her birth chart the astrologer said "you are going to live upto 40 yrs." The lady was upset and went back home , she was fine till 39yrs then suddenly she got severly ill and died. Anybody who will listen to this story will just praise the astrologer for such a perfect prediction but the story take a new turn when the birth chart of lady fall in the hand of a genius astrologer and he calculated that the lady had a long life more than 95yrs.You must be wondering than how come the lady died so early it is because the fear in her take the shape of a severe disease and take her precious life.Whenever we are in a state of fear we are adding up to the negative energy and this is doing no good to us instead this is silently taking away our wellbeing and making our life more miserable.We can't destroy negative energy with more negative energy we need positive energy to neutralize the negative force. Though life some time bring some unsolved problem a situation that shatter our welbeing then in that darkness you can chant this lines-GOD LOVES ME MORE THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE .HE/SHE IS ALWAYS WITH ME WITH ALL HIS/HER LOVE CARE AND HAPPINESS AND DIVINE GUIDE.HE/SHE IS BLESSING ME ALWAYS TO HAVE TRULY BEAUTIFUL DESEIRED HAPPY DIVINE LIFE.

"Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it."
---- Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)

Be Happy. God Bless.