Thursday, July 17, 2008


Devotee have no caste.

Don’t neglect but rely on .
Discuss but never do criticism.

Pain will come to human life but to win over pain is the real worship of man.

Enjoyment will come to an end some day but there is no end of meditation. The more you meditate the more you will attain spiritual fulfillment. So go on meditating.

If you come to know some thing good then let other also discover the same, don’t shut up your moth like a selfish person.

Nothing will remain except your behavior.

If you take insult just as it is then it will injure you but if you can learn something from this insult it will help you.

A literate is known by his behavior and an illiterate is also known by his behavior. Before educating someone make sure you have the education or not.

What is misinterpretation? To say something without a through knowledge about the subject.

If you want to have a healthy physics then first you have to have a healthy heart. To keep a healthy heart you have to do honest work.

To pray for others is the best of all prayers.

If you listen to some good verse ,if you attend to some good occasion many a times it is helpful for you . For listening to same verse many a time brings out different meaning on the surface of mind .If you attend a good occasion many a time you can understand the inner meaning of that occasion.

The one who can give is fortunate. Giving others is not only a virtuous job but getting the opportunity to give also make one feel blessed .If there would be no one to take then whom you will give and feel happy?

Geographical and cultural distance have shrunk significantly with advent of modern technology. This shrinkage of distance has permitted to widen substantially the geographical, cultural and social arena of human beings but the real arena of love and peace still remain unexplored due to which we see various races, countries and even fellow individuals have plunge into clashes and conflict for petty selfish interest or for nothing jealousies.

This writing is inspired from Ma Johuras (Bani Manjari) where some simple thoughts are given if practiced all Gods beloved children can live in love peace and harmony .
After all GOD too want us to live happily in His World . May be for that He inspired me to write this love letter for HIS beloved children.

Friday, July 4, 2008

MEDITATION- A silent conversation with GOD

We have come across this question a number of times that do you believe in God?
Some say YES and some say No. But have you ever questioned yourself that is God something to be believed. Suppose someday somebody ask you do you believe that you have parents what will you say “stop talking like a insane. Why am I going to believe this, is the most unquestioned truth of my life.” Yes it is absolutely true that you have parents who bring you in this earth even may be some of them passed away or you may be living far from them, but this truth you can never change and can never be challenged.

Then just take a little moment from your so called no time schedule and just think for a while that if you are so sure about your earthly parents those who have bring you in this world. Then why do you have to believe the Almighty who have sent you in this earth. He /She is your eternal parent, the absolute truth that you are ignoring due to lack of your connection with the divine power. I imagine the last scene when we are departing from our God and making our way to earth .God may have taken us in His / Her lap and kissed us a number of times and whispered in our ear – “My dear beloved child you are on your way toward a beautiful and adventures journey .Let me tell you that I will be always with you may not be visible with the earthly eyes, I will talk to you but you may not hear it with your earthly ears. But whenever you will plunge into your own self and meditate you can converse with me and feel my presence within you. You are my most beloved child and I love you more than anyone could have ever imagine, don’t you ever forget what ever the world tells or try to make you feel you are my most beloved child and I am with you always to bring you out from any odds and present you the most desired healthy happy beautiful and earthly life. And also remember every single person you meet in this journey are all my beloved child whom I have sent to make your journey more pleasant and beautiful so always love them and be for them.”

Now imagine that with all this good message God sent us in this world and as soon as we drop into this mystical magical world what do we do we start a huge cry . This cry sustain for life long for health, wealth, love and happiness . As because we forget the fact that God is with us we are always living in a state of worry and fear. The worst thing happen when we start harming and hurting someone due to for nothing jealousy or hatred., we lack the knowledge that he/she is also God beloved and God is taking care of him /her also. We are no one to spoil the journey of some one whom Almighty God have destined and designed. And thus we accumulate bad deeds and God though don’t want, have to bring severe punishment to cleanse our misdeeds . We then start blaming God and say that God is nowhere. We go on and on asking for love and happiness from another person and are disappointed and finally slip into stress. We forget the fact that the other person is also locked in the same prison of thought as we are and a person who is not in love and happiness and peace can never give that to other .

Until our beloved God then try to pull us out from this distressful condition and sent those loving Saints who are living angel for us . They then teach us those forgotten word of love and happiness to us. They then act as connector between us and God and again rebuilt the everlasting relationship.

Meditation is the only beautiful way by which we can rebuild our relationship with God. God is the powerhouse of love and peace and compassion. When we get attached to God we see that our whole entity is overflowing with that love and peace and then we don’t have to make effort to love others .It will flow generously to others and we will be in a blissful condition of peace. All your problem get solved ,you get all your answer from the God himself and your positive vibration increases so much that no negative force can’t activate and create anything bad in your life.

There are many institution who are teaching meditation in a most easiest way . I am mentioning some of them below.
1. Vipassana Meditation Technique, as taught by S.N.Goenka and his assistant teachers
2. The RajYoga Meditation-,
3. Meditation knowledge by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are taught at the Art of Living Centres worldwide

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.-BUDDHA