Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let Go Of Past // Be You Part 2

Sit quietly in a place and then take a dairy try to remember all events from your childhood and note it down in that dairy. Look clearly on those events take a deep note which event lift your soul up and which has put you down. How you have overcome those dark hours and enlightened yourself. How you have reached the world of faith and hope and leave that world of darkness? How the saddest moment of your life give you an opportunity to get in touch with your higher self and it became a pathway to your spiritual life.
It’s time to introspect …. is still there are moments remain in your memory bank that push you in to sorrow. Is their any moment still remain burden of your soul. Just see that what all this sorrows had given you ? The baggage of past given you nothing except bucketful of tears …then why are you hesitating to let go this baggage of past hurt ?
Do you want to free yourself from this past hurt and sorrow ….are this sorrows unbearable for you ..then let go them.. ..once gone don’t look back to them again ..they only destroy your inner strength.
Live in the present .Your future is in your own hands. Inside you is the untapped potential. You have unlimited value. Your dreams can definitely come true because you are unique and special. You can put whatever you put your mind to. So choose to enlarge your vision. Retrain your mind. Increase confidence. Attract what is good in your path. Everyday step forward , decide what you want and prepare for your success. Believe in your self. Avoid negative . Let go of the past . Never give up .Be you…..Today is the day...first day for your successful life...go sparkle in the brilliance of your achievements.

 Article © Sutapa Ghosh. No reproduction without permission.

Be Happy .God Bless.