Monday, March 30, 2009

Built Strong Will Power.

Small yet life changing miracles happen to me everyday , time came when in the whirlpool of worries my belief start shaking. Today is one such day when the world seems to shatter in front of my eyes and I am not getting any way out . I am questioning the existence of God whether He really hearing my prayer or not what is He doing ? Then in such mood I suddenly took up a book from my self casually and opened a page, that flashes the answer of my mental turmoil. An inspiring thought from the Great Saint Paramansha Yogananda , I am sharing those thought with you I hope it will boost your positive energy and add more faith in your life.

The road blocks and failure keep us away from the higher power. But behind the wish and will of human being there lie the will of God which can never fail. Even death cannot stop the wish of higher power. If you put constant willpower behind your prayer then God will obviously answer your prayer. Most of the people are lazy physically and mentally. In time when they want to pray they feel sleepy and choose to sleep rather than pray and hence there prayer end and the will also die. Human mind is full of negative thoughts . He start thinking that he is unable to do anything. This type of negative thoughts should be burn immediately. You have all the power within your self to make all your dreams come true and that is your own will power.
Don’t just jump on any big deal immediately to prove your will power first try to do small things which once told by your friends that you unable to do. Good friends can boost your will power as well as they can make you weak too. So if you want built strong will power then spend more time with like minded people , if you want to be a god artist spend time with good artist, want to be a saint spend time with good saint.

Don’t ever think that God with all His miraculous power is away from you in the Heaven and you are here in this problem filled world like a insecure weak person . Behind your own will lies the great huge power of the God but this great power will not come to your help until and unless you accept that power .

Built a strong will power and turn your face toward that divine light your life will enlightened with health , happiness, peace and success.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Increase Your Self Confidence -5 Easy Tips

Every morning as we brush our teeth to get the sparkle same way to increase our self confidence we need to brush our thoughts successfully and if we can make it our habit then success is just a step away. Today I will give you very simple yet useful tips that if practiced regularly give you a sparkling personality.

1. You have spoke and given your views earlier also but now onwards try to put more confidence while you speak and place your views.
2. Try to participate in interesting motivating work this will help you to overcome your inner fear.
3. When ever you face fear try to place facts to win over fear like- a) You are a free person in this free world. b) You want to be more successful with time .c) You have the capability to solve any and every problem.
4. Stay away from your fear ,negative thoughts and confusion.
a)Speak within who is important You or your negative fear and confusion?
b)Plunge to work you will see all your confusion and fear is vanished with the magic touch of none but yours.

5. Make yourself believe this simple fact that you are capable to control your mind and thoughts. You are not only capable to control but also can increase the efficiency of your thoughts which will make you successful in the long run. Chalk out a perfect plan for yourself and start a confident journey towards the great path of life.

“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”
Mark Victor Hansen

BE HAPPY AND BE CONFIDENT. -picture courtesy

Thursday, March 19, 2009


You know what my Spiritual Master Sri Ramchandra Dev say’s that the best meditation is when you are watching your breath. Whenever I stop for a moment and become quite I always try to focus on my breath and I can feel the divine mechanism that is constantly going behind us . With every inhalation I am born and with every exhalation I die, I don’t even know that the breath will return back to me or not and when it come back I am born. We are unaware of this simple fact, live a whole life with our past failures , trauma and trouble. But if we take a moment just click the pause button of our emotional system and re think we will find that God is creating a new world for us every moment, just a conscious outlook toward life can bring enormous happiness, peace and love. Have you ever noticed a new born- his/her excitement, charm, there is no enemy no friend, no known no unknown, no good and no bad, no right no wrong only a faith in the present and full of love to accept everything and anything that God and world provide. I think that makes those little one so deserving and loving to everyone. So let go your past and try to live and enjoy life as a new born.
I know practice doesn’t make one perfect only perfect practice does so I am practicing to acquire this skill. Wish me luck and I wish you too enjoy a stress free lovely life.