Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shine In Your Own Light/ Be You Part 5

We all have sun and moon, a bright light within but the clouds of self doubts don’t let it shine. In the crowd of darkness we either beg or want to borrow the light from those who themselves are looking for it , all which end up in deep frustration and depression. Sharing with you just few life tips… you may find handy to be happy and help to kindle the inner light shine bright.

1.To light your own way light a candle…..then light another and you will notice nothing is lost when one candle light the next….so what are you waiting for reach out….do good.
2. Be a fountain of happiness and let everyone and everything around you freshen up with your smile.
3. Live and Breathe into the moment….for this very moment is the one you have for sure.
 4. You are the king when you know how to rule yourself.....and also embrace the power of like you I am too.
 5. When love knocks open the door of your heart... and don't forget to silently bless every soul you pass today and all your coming days.
 6. Play passionately, this whole Universe is a play ground for us to explore discover and have fun….so go enjoy the game called life.
 7. Lit a lamp of kindness and compassion in your heart but make sure that is your strength and don’t let the wrong person play or use it as your weakness.
 8. You are born tough can jump to any height ….decide and jump off.
 9. Let go the burden and baggage’s walk on freely with chin up and head high.
 10. Speak and Act with honesty and let go the out come. BE You.

 The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy. -Henry Ward Beecher. So come shine in your own light brighten up the world. You are the one the whole world is waiting for. Take the stage on fire.

Article © Sutapa Ghosh. No reproduction without permission.

Be Happy.God Bless.