Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Love Me// Be You Part - 1

It is been long that I am out from this blog. But I have returned with some hidden treasure. This is my new series Be You. In this series I will share some positive very simple practices that will make your life sparkle in brilliance of success and happiness. I am posting 1st part today. Each day spend sometime in front of the mirror. Look yourself closely. A child once asked to his mother “ Mom we can see everyone but why not ourselves.”
 This is the time to look to yourself from the most closest distance. Look deeply inside your eyes. Now tell to your self that you are God’s blessed child. You are the most beautiful in and out. The light that radiate from your eyes are actually the ray of the almighty God that is pouring out from your eyes. Tell to your self that you are the God most loved child. God love you the most. This love and shine you spread among all. Think that every person of this world loves you. To make your positive mind strong tell to yourself that you are a blessing to your family. Feel the blissful love of the almighty within you. With a blink less eye look at yourself and love.
 Try to feel the blessing of God in every cell of your body.Accept with gratitude the shower of bliss that you are getting every moment from your Higher self. If you practice this few minutes every day then you will learn to love yourself. Your attitude about yourself will change and will be more positive. If you can’t love yourself who else in the world will take time to love you ? The tragedy of this world is that many people suffer from very low self esteem and this slowly finish them off.
 But if you do this mirror practice with all the positive affirmation to your self , you will became the most beautiful , most loving person and you will see miracle of life each and every day.Each day will be a like a blessing for yourself and for others.

Article © Sutapa Ghosh. No reproduction without permission.

Be Happy .God Bless.