Thursday, March 19, 2009


You know what my Spiritual Master Sri Ramchandra Dev say’s that the best meditation is when you are watching your breath. Whenever I stop for a moment and become quite I always try to focus on my breath and I can feel the divine mechanism that is constantly going behind us . With every inhalation I am born and with every exhalation I die, I don’t even know that the breath will return back to me or not and when it come back I am born. We are unaware of this simple fact, live a whole life with our past failures , trauma and trouble. But if we take a moment just click the pause button of our emotional system and re think we will find that God is creating a new world for us every moment, just a conscious outlook toward life can bring enormous happiness, peace and love. Have you ever noticed a new born- his/her excitement, charm, there is no enemy no friend, no known no unknown, no good and no bad, no right no wrong only a faith in the present and full of love to accept everything and anything that God and world provide. I think that makes those little one so deserving and loving to everyone. So let go your past and try to live and enjoy life as a new born.
I know practice doesn’t make one perfect only perfect practice does so I am practicing to acquire this skill. Wish me luck and I wish you too enjoy a stress free lovely life.

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