Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ABHINAV BINDRA -A burning example of positive thinking.

After 112 yrs, hard work and positive thinking won the battle for India in the Bejing Olympics and the big name who create this incredible history is a 23 yr old bright young man Abhinav Bindra.

Yes it is not only for sports but in every field anybody can win the game of life and reach and make everyone proud with hard work and positive thinking.

What ever you think on a constant basis good or bad , must be a reality..


You are who you are right now……..and you are where you are right now ……..because of the total sum of thoughts you have to this point in your life.

If you have not thought about much ,you don’t have much.

If you have not consistently and relentlessly thought about how to be successful and rich, you can never be successful and rich.


James Allen put it in the best when he popularized the phrase “As man thinkenth in his heart so is he.”

A simple thought that “ I can” leads to action.

Abhinav is a bright example of that .He was out of track for one year due to a severe back pain but he never give up and shift his eye from the goal. The result that he make all the Indian proud and give a priceless gift before the Independence Day and win gold medal for every Indian.

The Universe might test you and through road blocks in front of you ,but those can’t stop you .

The only thing that can stop you achieving your goal is YOU!

If you think you can ………….YOU CAN!

Change who you are and what you have from this point forward!

Everything that you see on the outside is the direct result of the thought going on inside.

If you want to radically change your life ( and do it fast ) ,then you must radically change the way you think, because thought became habits , habits create action and action in the long run become your reality.

Open your mind- Dare to dream again.

Ask and you will receive, is the Universal law that cannot be broken.

Ask for something really good.

Know The Truth And The Truth Will Make You Successful And Set You Free.


  1. Very true. Avinav Bindra rocks !

  2. Nice post. You are what you think.
    Life is theater and we are actors on it's stage. We create our own roles in life. One must realize that our world has universal abundance for all. That is a natural law.

  3. Very nice and thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment, I appreciate it!

    I believe like you do in this post. We can conquer anything we put our mind to!


  4. Good advice and nice post. Keep it up!

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  6. Yay for Avinav good to see him win a medal for his country! I very much agree with positive thinking. Very good post!

  7. I Think Abhinav has made all of us proud. But is he only 23 year old. I have been seeing him for a long time. Doesn't look like a 23 year old to me.

  8. Thanx everyone for your lovely comment and visit.
    I feel blessed.
    Lots of love.
    Your friend always.