Friday, July 10, 2009

Lucky Money

Money play an important part in our life. So we should all have better relationship with money and if we can develop that relationship with money we can attract blessed abundance and money that can bring happiness for us.

If you want to see what God thinks of money, just look at all the people He gave it to.” -Dorothy Parker
"Lack of money is the root of all evil." --George Bernard Shaw
Money is power, & you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it." --Russell H. Conwell, Temple Univ, 1877

"God gave me my money. I believe the power to make money is a gift from God . . . to be developed & used to the best of our ability for the good of mankind. Having been endowed with the gift I possess, I believe it is my duty to make money & still more money & to use the money I make for the good of my fellow man according to the dictates of my conscience." --John D. Rockefeller, 1905

The foregoing poems will harmony Your life, will bring abundance, this call will be transformed into the individual growth and growth of saint fire.
Read this poems when want the abundance and more money
The first poem is written by Saint-Germain

I AM free from fear and doubt
Casting want and misery out
Knowing now all good supply
Ever comes from realms on high
I AM the hand of God's own fortune
Flooding forth the treasures of light
Now receiving full abundance
To supply each need of life

The second poem read when you need urgent financial assistance. Apply to the Lord of Fortune for help for 5-15 minutes. This appeal is from wonderful book of Elizabeth Profit that will be resulted in soon receive of money.

Fortuna! Goddess of Supply
Of all God's wealth from realms on high
Release the treasures from the Sun
And now bestow on everyone
Whose heart beats one with God's own light
The power to draw from heavens's height
Abundance to expand the plan
The masters hold for every man
Attune our consciousness with thee
Expand our vision now to see
That opulence is meant for all
Who look to God and make the call
We now demand. We do command
Abundant manna from God's hand
That now below as is Above
All mankind shall express God's love!


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