Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be Prosperous

This post is inspired from the message of Dada J.P Vaswani-mystic,philosopher and head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission In Pune ( India). In a spiritual meeting he gave four principle of prosperity. These four principle given by him if practiced can make us prosperous in both material and spiritual world. So I thought why not share this precious message with you in my first post of the new year and the new decade.
According to him “If you think of yourself as a child of God, why do you worry? Does a child worry in presence of his or her parents? The child knows that the parent should feed him when he is hungry, gently put him to sleep when he feels sleepy. So be a child of God and your worries will vanish. As your parent , Gods wants to see you living in happiness.”
He said that prosperity comes to those “who help themselves”. “If we are energetic and enterprising, will always be open. Even in this of down turn, when people are being handed pink slips, you can always find opportunities. But for that you have to be extra enterprising. In this world of God, there is no dearth of opportunity. But worries leave our vision blurred and we can’t see the opportunities.”
His second principle is that God helps those who help others. “In this world where everyone is busy with their own affairs, people hardly have time for others. But the fact is that people who help others are richly rewarded by the Almighty.”
His third principle, those who lead honest and straightforward lives are blessed. “Many of you might dispute this. Many of you will say that you have to lie to survive in this cut- throat world. But let me tell you I have seen many people who make profits despite being honest and straightforward. There is no deviation from the law.”
Every individual has to try and incorporated God in their daily lives , said Dada Vaswani , explaining his forth law. “ You have knock on every door in life. Police, doctor- you try every one for help. But my advice is, try God. You will find that your life suddenly turns for the better.”

source- Times News Network


  1. Great share, thank you very much!

  2. This is awesome...have faith in the lord and pray with belief...then all is yours!