Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Realized

When we are young things and circumstances comes to us in different forms and shape, some important aspect of life reopen and  with every growing years we realized the same truth of our life in a new and a better way. Slowly and steadily we realize that there are many more things to be realized and experienced in our whole life,  that is what are we here for.
Poet Fion Lim shared the same thought in her poem-

When I Was-Fion Lim

When I was 7,
Whenever it rained,
I thought the whole world was raining.
When I was 25,
Whenever I saw others made mistakes,
I thought I had the answers and would be better than them.
When I was 30,
I realized I had to overcome the love of ease,
I realized listening to one's heart means taking risks,
I realized other's silence does not mean agreement,
I realized I grow by learning from my mistakes.

Now that I'm 31,
I realized that no matter what I do or don't do will still evoke disapproval,
I realized people are generally busy thinking about themselves,
I realized different view points make my life more interesting,
I realized I can win more friends by really listening to others,
I realized being patient and monitoring results are crucial to my work,
I realized jealousy exposed my insecurities and damaged my relationship,
I realized honest appreciation rather than criticism brings more love,
I realized love and encouragement can spur one to achievement,
I realized love is more important than winning and being right,
I realized saying I love you and I'm sorry with sincerity work wonders.

As I took a deep breath,
And realized once again,
That there are many "I realized" that I have yet to experience.

Be Happy.God Bless.


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