Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Meditation

If I had not been already been meditating, I would certainly have had to start. I've treated my own depression for many years with exercise and meditation, and I've found that to be a tremendous help.- Judy Collins
Meditation is the art of being aware and conscious in our day to day living.No one can tell how much time any one will take in learning meditation, so it helps to be patient and relaxed while we are on the path of meditation.There are many things which can facilitate meditation. One such is the Baoding ball. Know how to use this Chinese meditation ball.
Baoding ball is popularly known as the Chinese meditation ball. It is a ball originally composed of iron. It is called
 Baoding ball because it originated in Baoding China. These balls are usually used for exercise and meditation. It is said that the balls can effectively calm your mind and you body. It improves blood circulation to the different parts of the body and relaxes the different muscle joints. It comes in different colors designs and sizes and each design has a symbolic meaning on it.

Steps in the proper use of the Baoding balls:
1. Choose the right type of baoding balls for your hand. If you are just a beginner, start with a small size of baoding balls. Through time, you can move on to a much bigger ball if you have already developed the technique. The size of the baoding balls depend on the size of your palms.
2. Get a hold of one baoding ball. Try to rotate the ball in your palm and fingers. Let the ball run from your palms to your different fingers from the thumb to the opposite end. Develop a technique or strategy. Then transfer the ball to your other hand. Do the same routine.
3. Once you already developed a technique, try to add the other ball. Now this is the hard part. Rotate the two balls on your palm and fingers with out them touching each other. It takes time and practice to master this routine.
4. Once you’ve done it perfectly, rotate the balls in the opposite direction, again without letting them touch each other. It will really take dexterity and practice to master the art of spinning the baoding ball.
5. Transfer then the two balls into your other hand. Do the same routine. Concentrate and do this process slowly and at your own pace so that you may not harm yourself. Forcing yourself will only strain your hand and you will end up frustrated.
6. Proceed now with the next maneuver. Get a hold of one ball, toss it from one hand to the other. You are now then holding the ball alternately with your hand. Get then the second ball, now you are holding the two balls. Simultaneously toss the two baoding ball into the air and catch it in your palm. Do this repeatedly.
7. Another maneuver in using the baoding ball is the squeeze and relax. Get a hold of the ball, squeeze then the ball tightly to the point of creating tension in your palm. Slowly and gradually release then the ball. Do this slowly to attain relaxation in your hands. Do this maneuver and incorporate it with your breathing. When you squeeze the ball, that’s the time that you will inhale. As you slowly relax your hand, that’s the time that you exhale. So squeeze and inhale, relax and exhale.
8. Lastly, use the baoding ball in your feet. You may do this in a sitting or standing position. Position the ball under the ball of your foot. Try to rotate and manipulate the ball in a circular motion using your foot. Repeat this for a few cycles and do this step on you other foot. Proceed then with positioning the ball under your toes, try then to grip and add pressure to the ball using your toes. Then after you grip, relax slowly and gradually your toes. Do this same maneuver with the other foot.

I am sure this will be a great help for all of you who want to meditate and exercise and want a healthy life.

BE Happy. God Bless.
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