Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 Best Wishes For You -Michelle Klemm
I wish you luck,
a great piece every day,
a ladybird on a four-leaved clover
and sunshine at all times.
You shall never have a Black Friday,
luck shall come along with you on your way.

I wish you health,
resistance against illness.
Neither cough, cold, croakiness,
backache nor weariness -
none of this shall plague you,
be lusty and fit each and every day.

I wish you love,
no chance for those thieves,
who come and steal your heart,
just to torture you afterwards.
I hope the one will find you,
with whom a red thread conjoins.

I wish you strength,
when your work is stressing.
Life is rarely easy-going,
but do not give up for that reason.
Persevere no matter what happens.
Proceed, do not fear the challenge.

I wish you satisfaction,
because life often demands modesty.
Be glad for what you possess;
do not commiserate what you miss.
You know, money cannot make you happy,
love and friendship are the most important things.

I wish you happiness,
do not waste time
with tears and great sadness.
Never shall befall you harm,
you shall lead a life of charm
and shall wear a smile on you face.

I wish you time,
a valuable merchandise these days truly.
It may not pass so speedily;
time to rest and to relax,
time for those near to your heart
and time for yourself just at will.

Be Happy. God Bless.

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