Friday, May 22, 2009

Tag Station

I have been tagged to write 7 things about me and 6 things that make me happy:) Since my loving friend Alpha tagged me few days before(sorry I'm late), I will tell 7 things about me first.

The rules first:
7 things about me rules:

1. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post
2. Share 7 facts about yourself in the post
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.
1. Always winner786 is my screen name, may be soon you will know my real name, but I can share the meaning of my real name it means GOOD GIRL.
Now you decide do I justify my real name or not? I think a person who is in a right route always win. So Always winner want to win every battle of life with love and blessings.

2. My life is more fictitious than story, for the last 12 years I am struggling against all odds of life but still on by the grace of GOD. So I have started writing my story and who knows I may bagged the Booker or Pulitzer. Sounds too big any way wish luck for my dream.
3. I believe in God, soul and love. And they show me the light to walk on the dark tunnels of life and reach my desired destination.
4. I love to watch the clouded sky, the morning sun and my happy family.
5. I am day dreamer but passionate and responsible. I not only dream but also do.
6. I get upset when people speak unnecessary lies and they often do.
7. Olalla! I spoke lot about me and if you are not already wired out reading this then wait-one more spice from my life box, I am bit crazy but good friend. So in this rollacosta ride of life remember a loving soul is always there for you.

Tagged bloggers Friends:
This are those beautiful and wonderful trains in my Tag station who will take you all to a dream destination of happiness .

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2. Sound Of A Soft Breath
3. Inside My Bubble Today
4. Nao’s Graphics
5.Involve with Daisies
6. Bored ... Get unbored

7. Lets Jump Together
Now Six things that make me happy.

1.Delicious food which Mom prepare.
2.When I see a baby smiling.
3.Sleeping in couch.
4. Melodious romantic numbers.
5.Star studded winter nights.
6.When family and friends shower there unconditional love and support and I get a good steam bath for soul.

Now all my friends feel me in your heart.

I Am Your Friend –Author unknown

You may not have ever seen me
But you know that I am here.
You can feel me in your heart
As you enter each new day.

I will always be there for you
I am your friend.

Someone to share the good times
As well as the bad.
I make no judgments by what you say
I just listen with my heart and
Hope to be of help in anyway I can.

I will be there for you now and forever
And always please remember
I am your friend!



  1. OMG, thank you, thank you and thank you. That's awesome and you are awesome GOOD GIRL, lol

  2. This is amazing! I would definitely make a post indeed! Thank You for the tag!


  3. Thank you... Sorry to reply so late.. I will post this on my main blog. This is my first tag, so I hope I will do it right.. Thank you so much.