Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Always Believe

This world belong to those who have faith in Almighty and belief in themselves. This two strong pillars can shake every challenges of your life and built the path of success . Faith makes everything possible. You block your dreams when you let your fear overpower your faith. So have faith and believe the power and ability your are blessed with. Few lines below will help you build that faith in yourself. Have a look-

Always Believe- Author Unknown
You have the ability
to attain whatever you seek;
within you is every potential
you can imagine.
Always aim higher than
you believe you can reach.
So often, you'll discover
that when your talents
are set free
by your imagination,
you can achieve any goal.
If people offer their
help or wisdom
as you go through life,
accept it gratefully.
You can learn much from those
who have gone before you.
But never be afraid or hesitant
to step off the accepted path
and head off in your own direction
if your heart tells you
that it's the right way for you.
Always believe that you will
ultimately succeed
at whatever you do,
and never forget the value
of persistence, discipline,
and determination.
You are meant to be
whatever you dream
of becoming.

Be Happy. God Bless.
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  1. The excitement is building inside me the more I read about this. Just read it over at another blog, now here. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a beautiful day ahead.