Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Question YourSelf // Be You Part 3

Whenever you get yourself stuck in a negative situation or a painful event either once or repeatedly then don’t waste your time blaming others, or who is right or wrong or why you are the only one to be punished in the whole Universe while many bad people roaming around, why such severe punishment for you, don’t let your mind get trapped in such negative feelings. That’s the easiest part of the doing but the end result is bitterly poisonous.

ust free yourself from the negative think flow and then introspect deeply that why such thing is going on in your life one after another. What is the inner mystery behind ?..what God wants from you ?..what He wants you to understand ?..what important life lesson He want you to teach? My be you will not get the answer as soon as you ask but don’t take other teaching as yours ….all this answer will come from within yourself.

ait for your inner truth to reveal. Pray to God and He will make you understand in correct time. This will became your path towards higher enlightenment. You will soon be free from negativity and get into the positive realm of life.

Article © Sutapa Ghosh. No reproduction without permission.

Be Happy.God Bless.

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