Friday, July 26, 2013

Return To Happiness// Be You Part 4

When ever you find that in context of any incident you are belittling yourself, stop the think flow immediately. Befriend with your thoughts. Remind your mind that to belittle yourself meaning opening a road to self decay.

The main reason of your birth is to feel the higher almighty self. You and your self is related to every particles of this world. But as because you have feed your negative self for years with strong negative affirmation so in the beginning your mind will try to take the dark lanes. You have keep your eye on,  always stay alert so that you can catch your mind right away when it leave the sunshine path and taking the by lanes of negativity. You have to understand that if you take this by lanes, which is easy to travel in beginning will take you nowhere and you will soon be surrounded by depression. It is something that if you are talking to a friend while driving and take wrong lanes then you faces so much problem and pain to find out and reach the right lane. So you have to stay alert so that your life car too takes the right road to reach the destination of happiness. In midst of this positivism workout if you face any obstacles or any painful situation immediately tie your mind tightly that whatever may be the outer situation you will only think positive.

Keep on reminding yourself how you are always blessed by the Almighty, how He helped you like a true friend every time and saved you. Go on remembering His immense blessings and you can chant His name too. This will make you realize that you are sitting on His lap and He is always there to bring you out victorious. The power of God is mightier that any and every problem of this world. Believe in that power of Almighty which is hidden in your own self. If you have courage to look deep inside you can see that light.

eed your courageous self with the mighty power of Almighty and wait to see miracle happens. Every minute in this world thousands of people are succeeding, millions are blessed with abundance, millions are getting the love of their life, millions are getting healed….then why not you. Yes you are also God beloved child. As like all parents want their child to shine so do God. All nights have it ends into a bright beautiful day that’s the law of nature. No one in the world can spin it differently and it will happen in the right time. So also sorrow and pain can’t be everlasting. It may seems long years are lost. Those who give pain to others they get back immense pain in return that’s the Universal law. So don’t let any dark thought prevail. Let you be the one who give love, forgiveness, prayer and positive rays to other. You are child of happiness and this is the path from unhappiness to happiness. Live life to its fullest you will be blessed with more than you deserve.

Article © Sutapa Ghosh. No reproduction without permission.

Be Happy.God Bless.

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