Friday, April 17, 2015

Take Responsibility of Your Own Self

Take responsibility
 for your own happiness, do not expect people or things to bring you happiness, or you could be disappointed. – Rodolfo Costa
Many of you had gone through
this quote but do you know what is this all about taking responsibility of your own self. May be like me many of you are in the foggy misty confusion that the words are powerful but how to live this words.  We all are taught in schools  how to read, write so that we fit well in the material world. Our parents teach us  how to behave in a proper manner  and become a person whom society  will look up with respect and honor , on the whole we are taught how to be responsible to do something  but in this whole process  none teaches  us that it is also a responsibility to be someone… like  to be happy, to be lovefull , to be peaceful ….this is self responsibility.
Every other person was sending the messages that we will be granted as a responsible person when we do a task or a job well and bring desired  expected result.  For example parents think we are responsible when we bring good grade in exams, boss will think that we are responsible if we meet the deadline  in time , spouse think we are responsible when every need of their is fulfilled unquestioned and the list of responsibility goes on and we rub our self hard to meet every need with a smile so that we don’t loose the tag of responsible from our character criteria list.
In this whole journey we all miss the self. Responsibility became a prominent word which cover our outer self and in this journey our own self energy get depleted, we became very responsible person  whom other love to look on but empty inside.
Who don’t love praise surely it boost our self esteem and we feel great  no doubt but  do this happiness last. It stays for a moment and then we are given another responsibility and we run after that so that  our parameter  stays on a right lane.  It is to look a situation from outside in. When you do a job people praise and you feel happy . Let’s try the other way round inside out. Take the responsibility to be happy inside , to be loving and to be peaceful inside and then do the job outside how fun it will be.
Till now the thought process is when I do something well people will praise and then I will feel happy.  So your happiness is literally on other’s hand. Now shift your thought take the responsibility of your own happiness. Be responsible for your own inner self. Connect with the positive happy energy of your won self and then do the work  given. As we all know work done with positive energy always yield more superior result . So now you are happy and doing the work and not doing it for happiness.  Praise or critics will not effect your state of happiness and you will remain in the state of positive vibes all the day through.
 We are all human being not human doing.  May be we are very responsible in our doing and meet all the material need in the outer world but if our  being is not nourished and nurtured well  and is not stable then  the  vibrational energy that we are emitting from our self  are not  that of happiness, love  and peace  , remember at the end neither you will be happy nor others  around.  May be you will be gifted with the garland of superficial words from outer world  but in times a void will be created and you will be unable to figure out that what went wrong that you being so responsible in all your doings still feeling empty and restless.
 Now it’s time to make your being , your inner self stable. Your emotional dimension is at the core ..suppose when you are happy everything around will seems happy, when you feel love you could handle the worst of the situation with ease.  It’s time to look inward  and connect with your core values that is  love , happiness and peace. Self  responsibility means that my response is my ability to response.  I am the self creator  responsible for all my decisions, thoughts , belief , perception and action. Outward situations will come you can’t control that but what  we can control is our inner thoughts and how to respond in that situation. Inner stability is our choice. From now on when you make your responsibility list  put self  on the top. Once your connection with your inner self is stable all other responsibility will automatically fall in places.
 A little exercise affirm “ I am the creator of my every though, belief, perception, attitude and action.”  Accept it and consciously note how many time you are reacting to a situation and blaming others even you know you can’t change the situation .Suppose you are stuck in a huge traffic jam on your important meeting.  You start complaining  though you know you can’t change the situation then why to grudge and grumble instead relax, be happy  and enjoy the me time with a happy music or any creative thought  or send good vibes to others , it don’t need a penny but it all need a shift of your attitude towards the situation. Stay connected with your core values that is happiness, love and peace and consciously take care that situation don't over power and snatch all your inner gift . It will not happen in one day but start practicing and consciously keep eye on to your inner world  you will definitely be successful. Keep trying, keep focusing and moving with a positive feeling inside out.
Hope from now on you will not look for happiness , love or peace. Your inner self will be filled with  all your inner gift and and you will  be a generous giver of happiness,  peace and love which when flow back to you again will drenched you  and your  life will be a memorable journey  to live on.

This above write up is inspired from BK Sister Shivani’s teaching on self management. Thanks a ton for Sister  for making life peacefully beautiful.

© Sutapa Ghosh
Be Happy. God Bless.

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