Thursday, April 9, 2015

Simple Steps to Take Right Decision

Every now and then in life we are in midst of a road where we need to take decision. Sometimes the decisions are major life changing and sometimes they are minor simple day to day decisions  that keep life moving.  Even  when we take minor decisions it may seem minor for us but life changing for others  in positive or negative ways. Again every decision of ours fill our Karma account with good and  bad deeds that are outcomes of those decisions. So decisions are always important factors of life. 
Major decisions are may be that whether  you after finishing your high school go for a law major or join fine arts that’s what your heart desire. Minor decision is when your are under peer pressure to smoke or to drink whether to say yes or no. Remember every action yields it’s result  so you should know how to take right decision on right time . Here sharing with you an insightful way to take right decision rightly so that in the long run you will be peaceful happy and enjoying life without guilt or shame. 

1. As we all know we are all spirits living in this human body. There are few qualities of spirit that is love truth, happiness and peace. While taking decision attune to  your  higher self and make sure that the decisions that you are taking is based on the principal of truth, love , happiness and peace. Suppose your parents want you take law as your future prospect but you think that joining fine arts you can be true to your self and to others, it’s what you love and you will be happily showing your creation to the world which will bring peace to your life journey. It is very important to be calm and clear to your self  stay tuned with your inner core values and then decide rather than getting influenced by others, take a decision which either you regret at the end or will be a heavy baggage to walk with, which will drain you up and soak all your positivity towards life and  you will be just breathing and not living. So make sure you take the right decision tuned to your core soul values and in times every well wisher and your dear ones will be happy to see you prosper both inside out.

2. If you done said or thought  something which bring you near to your  inner core values of truth, love happiness and peace it’s right and if something  which take you  away from your  inner core values then you are  surely wrong. Any decision of yours that will bring shame and guilt and don’t let you sleep at night or bring the slightest bit of discomfort and lower your self esteem means you haven’t taken the right decision. For every right decision taken the gifts  are  peace happiness and immense good feeling and it means you walk tall without  any fear what soever because you are nourished by your higher self in the path of righteousness.

3. Check whether your decision make you happy and other’s happy not in the moment but in long term too.

This are very simple steps to take right decision with connection to your higher self and the core values of life. You never have to sell your soul to buy material abundance. A rich soul is blessed with richness both inside out and not only in this earth plane but also when he takes his / her journey to the world next.
Wishing you all happy and right decisions always forever. 
-   © Sutapa Ghosh
Be Happy. God Bless.

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