Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kapil Dev and Ek Nayi League

                                     East or West Cricket is the best
Cricket runs in Indian blood. I think in ever next house you will get a mad fan of cricket who will drop school, office and other celebration to watch his favorite match. I know a person whom we use to call cricket uncle. He is such a big fan of cricket that his house is full of cricket posters and cricket balls, bats. He use to fully dress in Indian cricket uniform with pads and gloves on…his favorite heavy bat as if he will be called off next to bat before every Indian match that shown on television. In front of the television he uses to make all his moves and how many time out of over excitement he broke the television. Aunty is the one to suffer most....when she asked him please leave this madness… our cricket uncle use to say do you know cricket was my reason for living. Aunty would leave the room with some huge grumble.
We use to laugh at his craziness but love whenever he gave treat to all the kids nearby with lots of chocolates every time India win’s a small or big match.
We never knew that love for cricket is so infectious and eating chocolate in that high end cricket vibes will catch up and I will be a avid cricket fan one day….not as crazy as him but near one. Cricket had change it form in last few years now it is more exciting, even one day match seems too much in our fast pace life so we move on to 20/20 big shot, fun, freaking madness in hours. Huge adrenalin rush and satisfaction at it’s highest when you see your team win.
We all know
Kapil Dev who is one of the greatest all-rounders of all time.  I had a huge respect for him as he captained the Indian cricket team which won the 1983 Cricket World Cup. . Recently he joined twitter too. Now what is more exciting is that he is telling that he is coming up with a new league....EK NAYI LEAGUE.
He kept it a surprise what is EK NAYI LEAGUE….he is telling that he will open the secret on his twitter. I am following him on twitter  as I don’t want to miss a single update about this new league EK NAYI LEAGUE.
I am super excited what it  will be……a new game show or a new reformed IPL with all the great talents in it …omg I am going crazy to know .
A great cricketer  like Kapil Dev when endorsing a league with such zeal  then it will be something very special. Truly said in this quote  “
Sometimes it's those little unexpected things in life that can make a big difference to us. Embrace and welcome the unexpected.
I am ready to embrace Ek nayi League and hope you too. Join the craze.

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