Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rise Above -Start A New Life

image source : https://www.cyclicx.com Rise Above -Author Unknown The world is full of people, Content to be what they are Who never know the joy of success; They lack the will to go that far. Yet in this world there is a need, For some to lead the rest To rise above the average life, By giving of their best. Are you the one who dares, To try when challenged by the task To rise to heights you've never dreamed, Or is that too much to ask? This can be your year, For great purpose to achieve If you accept the challenge, And in yourself believe.
Time came when we can stand on the same place and make progress we have to move on to make a fresh new start, to close the door on past and open ourselves to a new beginning. Whether we want to make large, dramatic changes or smaller daily changes we need hope and encouragement. We fill an urge within to show that our desire are universal and we too can have a better brighter future. What other’s have achieved we can achieve too if we have the courage to follow our dreams. The word impossible itself says that I am possible.
 I don’t want to join the corporate rat race but want to walk away with something new and unique that suit my type. It was a bold decision as well paid lucrative jobs were all around and leaving that and taking a unknown path is not only scary but bit crazy too. Adventure is in my blood. Love to travel the roads less traveled by and make a difference. So as decided started my journey to new life a fresh. Started my online venture. I must say the journey was not easy one.There is truly no short cut to success. Your hard work, determination, resilience, optimism all are the penny with which you can buy that success trophy. People will see success and may call it overnight but they never will know how much effort you put in other sleepless night of yours to bring back home success and achievement. The tough part of the story is you stay at your home and make it an office. For the people outside you are always stay at home type and for people at home you are always at office. So to bridge the gap between this two mentality and stay cool and walk tall towards your dream is what I call blessing. Life can throw few lemon towards you but it’s up to you to catch those lemons and make a lemonade and enjoy.
 House is not made of bricks but of emotions. Sometimes it give you solace and became a fort to fight back and achieve your dreams and build the success empire manifested in reality .

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